Graeme Rutherford


With these art works, I have used the web – and specifically web pages – as the canvas.

Each work has its own domain name and unique space on the web.

Some of my pieces are interactive – a simple click, drag or scroll can bring the work to life. Other times the viewer can be entirely passive.

Across my work there is a range of subject matter and sources of inspiration – from homage, to personal relationships, to internal memories and sensations. Aside from the web-based format, what binds them is a desire to convey these themes through colour and light.

I sell the unique domain name that each art work lives on. So, while the whole world can still view it, you can own an original and unique piece of web art. If you are interested in buying or commissioning a piece, please get in touch below.

— Graeme Rutherford




Thanks to Rafael Rozenthal and Nicolas Sassoon for the inspiration to make this type of art. Particular thanks to Rafael for making his Art Website Sales Contract available – it balances perfectly the opportunity to make art accessible to the widest audience, but for it to be sold, owned and collected through their unique domain names.


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